Video Diary

18th January 2016 - 23rd January 2016

No Rough Sleeping – Day Five


Final day on the street. Run down of each day - emotions and thoughts. This is not the end, but the beginning.

No Rough Sleeping – Day Four


Tough Day in Leicester Square. Rick opens up a little on his past. Getting close to the end now.

No Rough Sleeping – Day Three


Day three of Sezer's events. Changing attitude towards street life. Survival instincts kicking in.

No Rough Sleeping – Day Two


Day two on the streets of London with Sezer. Interviews, Ken & Jesses Cookies, sleeping on bus.

No Rough Sleeping – Day One


Day one view from the streets. Interviews and no sleep!

No Rough Sleeping – Intro Video


Promo video. Sezer - 5 days and 5 nights sleeping on the streets of London, so the homeless don't have to.